Your workplace is one of the most important places where you spend the majority of your time. It is where ideas are formed, services offered, products are created and communities are formed. For most companies, real estate is the second largest line item in an operating budget and where you are located can have a huge impact on efficiency, productivity, corporate image, and employee morale. As your tenant representative, we’ll help you navigate through all of your options, including renewing an existing lease, right-sizing, or expanding your space, relocating to a more appropriate location, or building your own facility so you can do what you do better or more efficiently.

Skilled negotiation tactics with market knowledge and detailed research of your market along with having relationships with the Landlords and Brokers allow us to negotiate the best possible lease transaction while you focus on your day-to-day business. A good tenant representation broker will save a company many times the cost of the fee, which fee is typically paid by the Landlord. So, this is why most companies utilize the services of a Commercial Real Estate Professional like The Olschansky Group, LLC to become their "in-house" Tenant Representation Broker to handle the transaction for them. Please see attached “Tenant Representation Flyer” for further information.

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